I believe we have all been through this. we always feel sorry but we seldom could help them. Things get worse when you see them next over a few days. …

It's a story about a hurt broken girl who joined in the medical team. At the starting of the story, the girl is very pessimistic about the world because of past experiences.

She works on a case where the patient is suffering from a brain tumor and was an online troll. She uncovers the patient nature and slowly starts falling in love. In this whole process, she became forgiving towards life.

Overall Rating 3.1
Language: simple 3.5
Story: Bollywood style and a bit cliche
Emotion: 2.3

Have you ever thought about how much you spend on swiggy/Zomato? I thought about the same when I spend ~25k in the last few months. Are these app saving me money or am I eating more?

This thought forced me to think about downloading all my order history and aggregate monthly use.

There are hardly option given by apps for the same :(

Time to open chrome development tool.After checking some API I found the api.It was really intriguing to see the same.

Here is the script below anyone can use .Try to put your cookies in the script

There are serious shortcomings and flaws in Indian freedom History and Constitution. Interpretation of mythology by modern Indian’s is also flawed which leads to many imprudent Ideas floating around, chocking India growth. India is one of the unfortunate nations to have freedom before urbanization leading to chaos with a new…

I have been mentoring people at Scalar Academy and I have helped
Seven of my student to get their dream jobs in the last ten months.


How to make…

Sunil Singh

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