View on Indian Politics

There are serious shortcomings and flaws in Indian freedom History and Constitution. Interpretation of mythology by modern Indian’s is also flawed which leads to many imprudent Ideas floating around, chocking India growth. India is one of the unfortunate nations to have freedom before urbanization leading to chaos with a new set of problems. (I am not saying India would have been in a better position under British Raj).

India being an agrarian/rural society before and after freedom where justice is restorative. It aims at compromise, compensates, and negotiation which seldom becomes punitive. In a rural society, honor is collectively bounded by the prestige of the clan and its leader. Whereas in urban society people try to set up the inclusive institution which can provide incentive and protect peoples right instead of leaders. Leaders’ power is often checked up by this inclusive institution. In the urban Judiciary, system culprits are often punished. The mindset of agrarian culture and the way power is transferred to Indian Congress in 1947 led to the foundation of the biased constitution which favored the Elite. Have we ever wondered or made useCase how do people like Mayawati/ Lalu Yadav can win elections. They definitely won because of caste politics but why a sane person will vote for them. Cause before Lalu/Mayawati forward caste made sure all Yadav and other (OBC,SC, ST) are deprived of basic necessity. In the era of Lalu /Mayawati, there is hardly any chance of running the politics data-driven as today it is done. So I believe it's just impulsive nature to bring your clan to the top and help them. Verdict of this Lalu got the most vote from Yadav and he won the election and made sure during his rule most of the benefits(Jobs) are received by his own people(Yadav) . Torment of the Backward class started on the forward class and is ignored by the state government of Bihar because they are part of the clan.

Its not a new event whenever power is transferred to people they use it for their self-benefit instead of society. Why will anyone want to give their power, fortune, and privileges? They will form a narcissistic group that can feed their self-interest. The above line may look deceptive at first glance but this is how civilizations work. Proles or low class are too much crushed by drudgery to be more than intermittently conscious of anything outside their daily lives — is to abolish all distinctions and create a society in which all men shall be equal. The middle class often replaces or topples the existing elite(Upper-class bureaucrats) by showing the working class the dream “All men are equal in their regime”.Once they are successful. The same Extractive institution or new institution are set up to extract the wealth from proles. This vicious cycle keeps repeating. There are many examples of it Spain colony in South America.Mughals an under the British. Recent examples are Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi who had toppled the Congress with the help of the working class and their never-ending dream. They are oiling the same extractive institution for extracting wealth from people. If they were interested in the progress of India they would have set up the inclusive institution which can protect the right of peoples. Any Indian party doesn’t invest much in informing inclusive institutions or eradicate the caste system whose foundation was put by the British in 1857 after the 1st Indian Revolution. The key idea of the caste system is to cultivate the clan mentality of rural India. More the society polarise it become harder to set up the inclusive institution. Lesser the inclusive institution easier to keep rolling the power. Why does the Cheif minister of Bihar/UttarPardesh hold the Janta darbar and not roll up a few judges in the Courtroom? Cause it will help the masses to apprehend to think Chief Minister is working for them and the courtroom will make people know their civil rights.Why not offload the Power.

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